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Many small businesses are forced to make both small and large decisions on a daily basis. CEO’s or business owners tend to make these decisions based on instinct, which may have served them well over the span of years or decades. However, as our economy rapidly develops at an ever-changing pace, we find that businesses are now seeking more clarity around strategic decisions, built on solid financial information and projections.

Companies operating without a Chief Financial Officer may often struggle to identify an accurate analysis of major business components, including sales, operating costs, and cash flow. The objectives of a CFO in a company is to evaluate all aspects of your company’s operations to ensure smooth functioning and scalability to support future growth. CFO’s analyze and determine if you are financially and operationally strong, and work with you and your team to define alternatives, assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a realistic and executable plan that includes systems to monitor and measure progress of strategic initiatives. Additionally, the CFO should provide clarity around the financial consequences of business and strategy decisions.

Your most critical business challenges can be solved with the financial and organizational clarity a CFO can bring to the table.

As your CFO, we use the organization’s financial statements to drive the strategic and tactical decisions of the company. It is our philosophy to not only provide businesses with an accurate financial analysis, but also improve their decision-making process in all areas of the business including sales, marketing, service, operations and administration.

An outsourced CFO can develop clear insights and projections with the following business challenges:

  • Business Transition Support
  • Acquisitions and Growth
  • Turn-Arounds and Downsizing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accounting Support
  • Operations and General Business Matters

For most small businesses, employing a full-time Chief Financial Officer is usually a bit unrealistic. Most businesses cannot afford to add the overhead cost of this position to payroll. Our firm solves this problem by delivering financial solutions and results at a reasonable cost.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

As a business owner or CEO, you should devote your time to managing your business. Not only does a CFO provide support functions such as compliance and financial reporting, they drive strategic, forward-looking planning such as capital management, cash flow forecasting, and budgeting. With our Outsource CFO services, you can stop relying wholly on instinct and start making business decisions based on sound financial analysis and facts.