Business & Management Consulting

Business and Management Consulting in Tampa Bay.

General Business Consulting

As the world evolves to a continuous marketplace, small business owners face competition from every conceivable direction. In order to stay competitive and ensure that each decision made is an improvement, it is sometimes necessary to seek the advice of an experienced and unbiased outside party. We provide small business with the competency of a CFO, delivering financial reports to help make viable operational decisions. To remain competitive, every business must find efficiencies hidden within their operational and administrative processes.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Modeling (Cash-Flow Analysis)
  • Strategic Planning
    • Market Determination
    • Pricing Analysis
    • Cost Analysis (Profitability)
    • Buy/Sell Valuation

Business Operations Analysis

Does your small business have hidden efficiencies? Renaissance Consulting & Development will assist in the standardization of your business’ operational processes. After documenting and reviewing the current operational procedures, Renaissance Consulting & Development will provide a series of suggested improvements to unlock the power of efficiency.

  • Uncover potential profitability within departments, individuals, service or product lines
  • Process Analysis
    • Work-Flow Evaluation
    • Constraint Analysis
    • Establish Processes, Procedures and Rules

Business Administration Analysis

Unfortunately, the price of managing a business is also mastering the bureaucracies and financial reporting requirements. Often, such requirements are a business unto themselves. Renaissance Consulting & Development can assist in streamlining the administrative procedures of your business. The less burdensome the administrative process is to your small business, the more time and energy can be applied to your operational processes.

  • Monitoring and managing the functionality of a company (resources, processes, and people)
  • Implementing and utilizing dashboards to assist in management functions
  • Establishing metrics for organizational success

Business Planning & Strategy

Planning to succeed is much more reliable than hoping to succeed. Although change is much more rapid and necessary in today’s business environment, it is no excuse to avoid creating a strategic plan. Renaissance Consulting & Development will assist in the process of creating and implementing your company’s long term business plan. Our skilled consultants will help your company answer and determine best practices related to:

  • How does your organization utilize competitive advantages within your own company to expand into new markets?
  • What is the best way to “manage” your business effectively, without “running” your business reactively?
  • What is the best way to streamline operations and maintain profitability?
  • At what point should the company expand its operations, products or service offerings?

Tax Planning and Consulting

Our engagement is dependent upon an in-depth understanding of, not only your company’s financial goals, but your personal financial goals as well. Renaissance Consulting & Development is a trusted source for clients as it relates to tax planning and guidance.

  • Flow Through Entity Compilation
  • Individual Tax Planning
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Business Bankruptcy Tax Compliance

Management Consulting Tampa

Excellence is much more than selling a service or producing a quality product. Excellence is leadership in action. Leadership is a learned trait. Although some may be more naturally inclined, anyone who truly wishes to dedicate and educate themselves, can be a leader. Renaissance Consulting & Development can help you and your small business produce leaders.

  • Assess your style and strengths as a leader
  • Understand client/employee perceptions of your leadership style
  • Develop awareness of leadership/management style and impact on others
  • Develop leadership skills with hands-on activities
  • Apply skills in the workplace and monitor results

MBTI® Qualified Administrator

Ever wonder why some people love to spend time in front of a computer while others can’t wait to turn the monitor off? Ever wondered why some people are sold on the emotional aspects of your business while others are more concerned about the details? Renaissance Consulting & Development can provide the insight to understanding the similarities and differences of individuals.