Business Bankruptcy Advisor

Business Bankruptcy Services

The Business Bankruptcy process is unpredictable and the decision to move forward can be heart-wrenching for an entrepreneur. Business Bankruptcy, however, provides you with enough time to sort out your debts and figure out a repayment plan that you, your creditors, and the bankruptcy courts can all agree. Insight and experience by financial specialists can make the process easier to navigate. Our experienced professionals offer guidance and support to help turn adversity into opportunity.

  • Evaluating the business and assisting in the development of a strategy/plan
  • Performing a financial analysis for each development plan
  • Assisting the business owner in dealings and negotiations with lenders, landlords, lessors and creditors
  • Helping the business owner secure financing, as may be necessary, and meeting the custodial and reporting requirements of the lenders
  • Assisting the business owner in managing and complying with the requirements imposed by the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Court
  • Assisting the business owner in developing and implementing a plan of reorganization