Business Consulting Careers Tampa

Our approach to client engagements is a simple one – provide the best possible solutions to achieve success. We seek consultants who are accomplished, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Whether you have an MBA in Business or have extraordinary experience in Finance or Marketing, there is an opportunity for you at Renaissance Consulting.

Since enlightenment comes with experience, we encourage each new member of the Renaissance team to pursue their career path from all facets of client engagement. Our tiered approach to consultancy empowers you to lead and shape your own career:


As an apprentice, you will be given ownership for specific portions of the problem solving in each client engagement. You will be challenged to learn the critical business issues that can affect the success of the client engagement. An apprentice plays an important role on the team, actively contributing to final recommendations and potentially presenting their work to senior client executives.


Tradesmen provide a range of problem-solving skills, combining both the technical and analytical to help solve their portion of the overall client solution. They fuse conclusions into recommendations and work directly with the client to execute change. As a Tradesman, you will become responsible for full-scale client projects, from start to finish with assistance from Master Craftsman.

Master Craftsman

When Tradesman have developed a strong set of consulting skills and demonstrated leadership among clients and within the team, they are prepared for the next level of responsibility: Master Craftsman. Once this level is attained, you execute the client engagement. Master Craftsman are responsible for determining how to bring the most ideal and financially solvent solutions to the client. A Master Craftsman is also responsible for managing the consulting team, which may include tradesman and apprentices.

Change Agent

In addition to management of the firm, Change Agents define the culture of the organization. Change Agents possess unique experience and knowledge and use it to serve as advisors and mentors for clients and others within the firm. As a Change Agent, you will drive Renaissance Consulting & Development’s business, advancing current client relationships and developing new clients. A proven track record of success with client engagements allows Change Agents to serve as intellectual leaders of the firm.